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Today on the Dr. Oz Show, women are asking Dr. Oz questions about what’s going on with their bodies, below the belt. These are personal questions most people would not want to ask their doctor.

Question 1: What to Do About Heavy Menstruation

Heavy menstruation is most likely caused by a fibroid, or tissue in or on the uterus. The ones on the inside push on the uterus and lead to anemia and heavy flow. A hysterectomy is usually what’s done to get rid of this issue, but this is an unnecessary surgery to remove the fibroid. This is the number one unnecessary surgery for women.

A new procedure: hysteroscopic myomectomy: a scope into the uterus that removes the fibroids through the cervix. This prevents need for surgery, shortens recovery time (women can go back to work the next day) etc. This only works for the fibroids inside the uterus.

Question 2: Urinary Incontinence

  • 50% of women have it happen at least once; 30% continuous.
  • Risk factors: overweight, age, child birth.
  • Two types: stress incontinence: sneeze, cough, etc.
  • Overactive bladder: hits quickly, can’t make it to the bathroom

Solution: Strengthen the pelvic floor. Kegels don’t always help. Look for pelvic physical therapist, to do therapy. There are some simple outpatient surgery. Botox is newly approved for the muscles in the bladder.

Question 3: What to Do About Yeast Infections

50% of women will suffer from a yeast infection at least once. Antibiotics can cause a yeast infection. This is not a fault or blame issue, not a hygenic issue. If you have one, you have to treat it.

Rephresh Pro B is a vaginal probiotic, much like the probiotics for colon health. If an over the counter solution does not work, see the doctor for a prescription treatment.

Question 4: Is it okay to use a husband’s razor to shave the pubic area?

This is a mistake, because men have coarser hair, so the blade is at a steeper angle. This means you’re more likely to get cuts and nicks, which can turn into infections.

Question 5: Is it okay to use toilet paper in place of a tampon until you can get to one, if period starts suddenly?

As long as the toilet paper is used as a pad, it’s fine. Do not insert it like a tampon. You will not be able to get it out and it will cause irritation.

Question 6: Are scented panty liners okay?

No, they are not okay. The scent is an irritant and can cause itching, irritation, redness, etc.

Question 7: Is it okay to have sex the night before an OB-GYN exam?

Not a great idea before a pap because the cells can be obscured. Use a condom.

Ultimate Body Blast

Bust Carb Cravings to Stay on Track

  • Carb hits the dopamine centers of the brain, just like drugs. Spicy foods will do the same thing, so instead of reaching for carbs, eat the hot stuff so you’ll get the same effect, without the additional calories.
  • Serotonin is released when you eat carbs, which produces a comfortable feeling. Instead, use lean proteins and good carbs for the tryptophan to produce the same comfortable effects.
  • Avoid the sugar rush and crash by eating foods with healthy fats and fiber, such as kale chips, pumpkin seeds, and garbanzo beans.

Tip: Keep Sugar to No More than 15g per day to lose fat fast!

Blast Away Your Worst Stress

Tip: Meditate

Suma Dietary Supplement

This is a natural stress reliever. It comes from a vine that grows in the South American rainforest. It is also known as Brazilian Ginseng. You should take 500 mg twice per day.

Triple A Stress Buster Salad

  • Romaine
  • Avocados: potassium lowers blood pressure
  • Almonds: good fats and protein
  • Asparagus: mood booster and stabilizers

Herbal Neck and Shoulder Wrap

13 stress busting herbs; heat it up in the microwave, wear it. Available online for around $30.

Destress with a Stretch

  • Isolate the muscles where you store the tension. This stretch targets the lower back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Spread feet at shoulder width. Hands behind your back to get shoulders behind you. Bend down in front, let your neck go limp, and stretch.

Tip: Whey Protein Wake Up Shake

Blast 100 Calories from Every Meal

  • Breakfast: Turn your bowl upside down. Fill the bowl with fruit first, then fill the bowl with cereal, rather than the other way around.
  • Lunch: Start with a shooter of soup to get volume with fewer calories. Think gazpacho style soup. It tricks your brain into being full because you’re eating the same volume, but taking in fewer calories.
  • Dinner: Set a trimmer table. Use a contrasting colored or blue plate compared to your food are on it. You will put less on the plate. If you use blue, your brain turns away because there are not many naturally occurring blue foods. Use a big fork when you’re hungry. You’ll eat less. Plate main course and starch and then serve salads and vegetables  family style so you’ll eat more of those.
  • Snacking: Put your favorite greek yogurt in a plastic bag and snap the corner off, so you can pipe it onto a baking sheet. Freeze for two hours, and have a few. Eating too much too fast will cause a brain freeze, so you will eat less calories.

This can help you lose 1 pound a week for as long as you want to lose weight. You can add this plan to any other plan you’re doing.

TIP: Swap salt for citrus juice and zest.

Blast Away a Bad Mood

  • Use geranium essential oil, massage behind your ear in a counter clockwise motion.
  • Snack on dark chocolate cranberries that contains nutrients to stabilize your mood.
  • Drink a hot cup of saffron tea to raise serotonin and has a calming effect.

Tomorrow, we’ll see ancient Ayurdervic weight loss secrets.

photo by: bobjudge

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