Why You’re Exhausted: The Number One Reason

Today’s show investigates the number one reason why you are so exhausted all the time, and shows you what you can do about it. If you are almost always tired no matter what you do, you are not alone–and you can regain your energy! Dr. Oz says the culprit is likely a magnesium deficiency.

Low Energy Levels

To prove his point, he brings on three women, who all complain of low energy levels, but have three very different reasons for it.

Julie, a working mom who needs more energy to run her household, never seems to have enough to help her get through the day. Her low energy levels are likely a result of her stress. She’s so tired all the time it affects her mood, which makes her snap at her children. When she does this, she ends up feeling guilty. Her drive to work every day is also difficult, because she suffers from road rage, which makes her angry. The stress, guilt, and anger take energy to feel in the first place and end up sucking even more of her energy.

Ann, a mother of two in New Jersey says she’s constantly battling anxiety, on top of wrangling a three year old, and a 10 week old. She says her mind is constantly moving faster than her body, and she hasn’t been able to find a long term fix to this issue. These feelings have been around since she was a teenager, and while drinking a cup of coffee seems to provide some help, it doesn’t fix the problem for long.

Cathy, a grandmother in Brooklyn, says she thinks her energy levels are a result of hormonal changes. Her children are now out on their own, and she maintains she was able to keep her energy levels up by keeping busy with the kids. At this point, she’s having trouble keeping up with her grandchildren. She claims there are times when she takes an afternoon nap and does not wake up until the next morning!

Dr. Oz says that 75% of Americans are deficient in magnesium, which is linked not only to low energy levels, but also to road rage! He recommends getting more magnesium in your diet through magnesium rich foods. While you can get it from a multi-vitamin, the doses are relatively small, and to be effective, your body needs multiple infusions on a regular basis.

Magnesium Rich Foods

  • leafy green vegetables
  • carrots
  • asparagus
  • bananas
  • prickly pear
  • whole grain wheat
  • flax seeds
  • watermelon seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • squash seeds
  • soybeans
  • white beans
  • black beans
  • tuna
  • salmon
photo by: jdn

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