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Are Bears Attracted To Menstrual Blood?

Some women are worried about bears being attracted to the smell of menstrual blood and want to know if it is safe to go camping while on your period. Dr. Lisa says that while this is a good question, the only bear who has responded to menstrual blood is the polar bear, which you will not encounter while camping. It is a myth that black an grizzly bears will attack women on their period.

Is It Bad To Lick Your Wounds?

Yes, and no. The saliva has some antimicrobial properties, but it is a cesspool of bacteria, so you don’t want to excessively lick them. If you have an open wound on your hand from hitting someone in the mouth, the doctors worry about the bacteria from the other person’s mouth. Paper cuts and other small injuries are not as much cause for worry, but your best bet is to always clean the wound with high pressure water or saline.

Can Your Uterus Fall Out?

One viewer shares a story she heard that your uterus can fall out while you’re walking down the street. Dr. Lisa says this is actually true–your uterus can fall out, but it would never hit the ground because it is attached to your body with ligaments. As you age, or have multiple children, the uterine muscles can weaken and cause the uterus to fall down into the vagina.

How to Stop Uterine Prolapse

If you experience intense lower back pain, or feel like a ball is in your vagina, or experience pain during intercourse, these are symptoms of uterine prolapse, or your uterus moving down into your vagina. If it moves all the way out of the vagina, this is known as Uterine Procidentia, and both cases are usually corrected by surgery. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should use Kegel exercises to strengthen the uterine muscles.

Ink Poisoning & Writing On Your Hands

Many people wonder if writing on your hands can cause you to get ink poisoning. The Doctors say they they do it all the time, and most inks are safe and non-toxic so you really don’t have anything to worry about. He does note to look for products containing Xyline, as this has been known to produce an allergic reaction in some people. The only way you really need to be concerned is if the ink gets into an open wound.

Can A Fetus Fart?

A fetus can actually move their bowels at full term in the uterus, secreting a substance known as Maconium. In some cases, the fetus will swallow it with amniotic fluid. This can cause complications, but is easily addressed at birth. While a baby can pass gas in utero, it is not generally something you need to worry about, and you likely won’t even feel.

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