The Doctors: More Health Truth or Myth!

Next, we see even more health questions addressed to determine if they are truth or fiction.

Can Poppy Seeds Test Positive For Opium?

Many people want to know if poppy seeds can test positive for opium. The urban legend says that by eating poppy seeds, you could test positive for morphine, codeine, and heroin on your drug screen. To test the theory four people were asked to eat four poppy seed bagels over the course of a half day, and then asked to submit a urine sample for drug testing. The test results showed positive for opiates, which indicated that yes, poppy seeds can disrupt a drug screen, and anyone who knows they have one coming up should avoid eating poppy seeds.If you’re surprised with a test for any reason, make sure it gets on record that you’ve been eating poppy seeds, just in case your test comes back positive.

Can Breast Implants Freeze?

One viewer wants to know if your breast implants can freeze. Because they stay at your body’s core temperature while inside your body, the only way they can freeze is if your entire body freezes. This is true no matter what they’re made of, or where they are placed inside your body.

If they are outside the body, however, implants can and will freeze in the right conditions.

Does Chewing Gum Take 7 Years To Digest?

A popular legend is that if you swallow a piece of gum, it takes seven years to digest in the body. A patient was asked to swallow some gum, and then a scope was used to see if the gum was still in the system. There was no sign of the gum after 12-24 hours as it moved through the intestines. It may take up to three days to get completely out of your system, but it certainly will not sit in your digestive tract for seven years.

Beer Before Liquor: Myth or Reality?

If you’ve ever had alcohol, chances are you’ve heard this motto at some point:  “Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, in the clear.” How does science support this, if at all?

All alcohol is metabolized the same way–it doesn’t matter what you drink, it matters how much you drink. Your body can only handle about one drink an hour. The Doctors suggest drinking a glass of water between drinks, to help slow down the pressure on your liver.

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