Survival Tips: Family Survives Airplane Crash

We meet Andy and Jenny Atkins, who took their four-year-old son Logan on vacation with them to Honduras. When they were on a sight-seeing flight, the plane lost an engine and crashed. Jenny was unconscious and trapped in the plane, but the pilot worked to free her. Andy immediately went to look for his son, Logan, who was missing. Thanks to doctors who were on a nearby boat, the family was taken to the hospital and live to sit in the audience.

Dr. Travis Stork poses the question everyone who has ever been in a plane has wondered at some point: “What happens when you know the plane is about to crash?”

Aspiration Pneumonia

Jenny says she didn’t really know they’d crashed until they were upside down in the water. She was able to free her son before she passed out. As a result of swallowing so much water, Andy suffered a lung infection after the crash. The infection is known as aspiration pneumonia and it happens after swallowing a lot of air and water, particularly salt-water. If you are ever in a situation where you swallow a lot of air and water, you should get this checked out immediately to help avoid a more serious infection later.

How To Survive a Plane Crash on Water

If you are ever in a plane crash on water, stay upwind of the wreckage, but remain near it to give rescuers a better chance of finding you.Keep your eye out for floatation devices and string them together if possible, to increase your visibility. Watch for injured victims and help them get to raft as soon as possible. Avoid fuel or oil anywhere on the water, as this could catch fire.

How To Survive If You’re Stranded

If you’re stranded, the first thing you need to do is find a clean water source, because the body cannot go more than 7 days without it. You should also try to find a source of food, but keep in mind that you can survive for up to 40 days without it. Deal with injuries however necessary, and find shelter from the sun so you can rest and reduce your body’s need to burn calories. Once you’ve gotten shelter and injuries taken care of, focus your energy on attracting attention to yourself so you can be rescued.

Can Living at a Higher Altitude Help You Cheat Death?

A woman asked if living at a higher altitude can help you cheat death.  Dr. Andrew Ordon tells her it is true people who live at a high altitude have a 22% lower risk of developing Coronary Artery Disease and suffering from a heart attack. Dr. Jim Sears explains: lower oxygen levels at high altitudes seem to cause genetic changes that increase your blood vessel supply to the heart to create the lower risk.

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