Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Your Home

In this segment, Dr. Oz meets with his friend Nate Berkus, who shares his favorite tips to reduce stress and anxiety in your home.

Put Your Feet Up To End Anxiety

Buy an ottoman and put it near your favorite chair in your home. Nate says you should allow yourself a few minutes to sit back and relax with your feet up, to appreciate everything you have in your life. This will help reduce anxiety. If possible, make these few minutes with your feet up in the middle of your day.

Most Emotional Piece of Art

Nate says it is very important to have pieces of art throughout your home that you enjoy bring you positive emotions when you look at them.

Home Design Health Impact

Nate says the cleanliness of your home directly impacts your health. He says it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or what the color of the walls is. If your home is a mess, you’ll feel stressed, and stress isn’t good for your health.

Declutter and Regain Control

Declutter your home and regain control. No one can be calm and relaxed in a messy environment. If you’re having trouble decluttering, Nate says you should use pretty boxes to help organize toys, books, and other items in your home. Doing this will make you feel much happier in your space.

photo by: Valerie Everett

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