MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Mist, Fruit Fiesta Peel & Ulthera Reviews

Wall Squats Exercise

Dr. Travis Stork says wall squats are an excellent way to boost your energy levels, and you can do them any time you want, nearly anywhere you want.  If you want to do wall squats, put your back against a wall, bending at the knees and lowering yourself as if you were sitting in an invisible chair.

You may find them difficult at first, but they are a good form of exercise. Dr. Travis maintains this exercise will boost your heart rate and metabolism.

Dr. Travis says a good way to work them into your daily routine is to do them during commercials while you watch your favorite shows.

Brown Spots Treatments

Before taping the show, The Doctors had everyone in their audience go through a Visia Complexion Analysis, which is the program that will show you what your face will look like as you age.

Alyson allowed The Doctors to reveal her results on the show. He tells us the software looks at the complexion, looking for UV damage, wrinkles and brown spots. She says her largest concern is brown spots, so Dr. Andrew shows her a variety of products she can use to combat against brown spots on her face.

The MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Mist and MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel use fruit acids and almond extract to exfoliate the face, to stimulate collagen production, and lighten brown spots.

For best results, Dr. Andrew also recommends visiting a dermatologist for  a prescription for Hydroquinone. It will take three to four weeks to start seeing noticeable results, but since the full treatment will last around six months it is worth it.  He said results won’t be noticeable for three to four weeks, and the full treatment can last up to six months, but he thinks it’s worth it. You can also use laser therapy to lighten brown spots.

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