Inner Thigh Chafing: What Causes It and What You Can Do About It

On this segment of Doctor Oz, we learn about what causes thigh chafing, and what you can do about it.

Inner thigh chafing happens to women as they walk, run, or do anything that causes their thighs to rub together on a regular basis throughout the day. As this happens, the skin becomes irritated and it can be quite painful and annoying for anyone who is dealing with it. The problem with the chafing is that over time, the irritation can damage the skin, even causing small cuts, which can increase the risk of fungal and bacterial infection.

To demonstrate, Dr. Oz brings Christy to the stage. She says that no matter what she does, she seems to have issues with chafing. She’s even brought pictures to show Dr. Oz just how bad it gets. She says she’s purchased a variety of creams and other remedies to try and soothe the problem, but nothing seems to work.

What causes Inner Thigh Chafing?

According to Dr. Oz, inner thigh chafing comes from the combination of moisture and friction from the thighs rubbing together.

Thigh Chafing Treatment

To help prevent sweating (or the moisture part of the chafing equation) you can apply a thin layer of anti-perspirantĀ to your inner thighs. Though you can’t stop the thighs from rubbing together, this eliminates the moisture from your thighs, and thereby prevents chafing. Depending on how active you are, you may need to reapply theĀ anti-perspirant periodically throughout the day to keep chafing away.

Have you ever tried using anti-perspirant to your thighs? How has this helped your chafing issues?

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