The Hunter Farmer Diet

Today’s Dr. Oz show goes against his conventional diet and weight loss wisdom by providing two different diet types to follow, depending on your body type. Dr. Mark Liponis visits with Dr. Oz to share information from his new book, The Hunter-Farmer Diet Solution. This book essentially breaks people down into two types: Hunters and Farmers. The difference between the two types is how their body’s respond to insulin, thus creating the need for two separate diets to promote weight loss. Your type is determined by your birth weight and how you float in water.

Hunters: Big Belly

  • Hunters are those typically born at less than seven pounds.
  • When a hunter floats, the legs tend to sink and the belly sticks up, because more fat is in that area.
  • Hunters are not very sensitive to insulin.
  • Stress hormones cause fat to build around the organs. The stress hormone continues to secrete and contribute to more fat building up, making it harder to lose weight.

Hunter Diet: High Protein

  • If a hunter couldn’t eat it, you can’t either. Stick to foods such as: chicken meatloaf, turkey burgers, and mashed cauliflower to mimic mashed potatoes.
  • Hunters typically do not eat often, so they need lots of protein to fuel their bodies. They have a better metabolism and can lose weight easier.
  • It’s okay for hunters to skip breakfast, because they generally are not hungry in the morning. Forcing breakfast only lends to a greater calorie consumption throughout the day.
  • Eat dessert, and opt for ice cream because it contains protein and fat, compared to cookies and sobert that are just full of sugar.
  • Listen to your hunger and only eat when hungry.
  • Drink pomegranate juice: it’s not sweet and it is full of antioxidants to help you lose weight faster.
  • Coffee is good for you, but use unbleached filters to remove a chemical known as cafestol that is known to raise cholesterol levels.
  • Exercise after dinner since it is the biggest meal of the day.

Farmers: Big Butt

  • Farmers are born weighing more than seven pounds.
  • When a farmer floats, the legs go up and the body tends to look more like a board, as there is more fat in the butt and legs.
  • Farmers are highly sensitive to insulin.
  • Reproductive hormones contribute to fat in the legs and butt.
  • Try wearing compression socks to help relieve the fat around the feet and ankles.

Farmer Diet: High (Healthy) Carb

  • If a farmer can’t grow it, you should avoid it. Stick to grains, vegetables, and other plant based foods.
  • Eat healthy carbs to keep your blood sugar levels stable, as your blood sugar levels will drop frequently.
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.
  • Avoid dairy because of fat content.


  • Hunters: Chromium Polynicotinate: improves insulin sensitivity to help stabilize blood sugar levels (200 micograms per day)
  • Farmers: DIM: Diindolylmethane broccoli extract that will help balance estrogen and reduce cancer risk. (150 mg per day)

Remainder of the Show

 Health of your stool

  • Bristol Stool Chart
    •  1-3 means hard, clumpy stools that show constipation. Eat more fiber to speed time waste moves through colon.
    • 4-5 means soft and smooth: perfect poop
    • 6-7 means loose or runny: eat more fiber to help with absorption of water and to slow down the time waste moves through the colon.
  • Psyllium Fiber: Available in many forms and will gel as it moves through your body to remove waste from the intestines and body as it pushes through the system. Aim for 7grams of soluble fiber per day.

Embarrassing Problems Women Have

  • Thigh Chafing: Use an anti-chafing cream to create a barrier between the skin.
  • Breast Sweat: Wear a bra liner. If a rash develops, use an anti-fungal cream.
  • Bra Bulge: Wear a bra with more fabric around the bust to prevent bulges above and below the bra.
  • Stretch marks: Strivectin, patented form of niacin that will speed up skin renewal to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Disgusting Habits Men Have That May Make You Sick

  • Chewing toenails and then kissing partner: Creates a spread of bacteria. Wash mouth with antiseptic gargle or brush teeth before kissing.
  • Initiating sexual activity after getting sweaty: Sweat can lead to skin infection easily spread to partner. Own sweat can lead to jock itch. Shower beforehand.
  • Leaving dirty clothes everywhere: Will only make you sick if it’s underwear on the kitchen counter or the immune system is already compromised.

On tomorrow’s show, we’ll see an up close and personal interview with Montel Williams where he discusses his health issues and emotional eating battles.


photo by: Edsel L

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