How to Stop Carb Cravings

Today’s Dr. Oz show was a repeat from November 2011, where he features Tyra Banks, and his 28 Day Plan that shows you how to stop carb cravings. We’ve covered the full episode here.

28 Day Carb Addiction Plan

Dr. Oz started the segment by introducing  friends from the audience, Joanna, Tamika , and Beverly.  Beverly confessed that she loves foods made with white flour, like pizza and pastas.  Tamika was a big fan of white rice and Joanna was a real carb junkie.

Dr .Oz demonstrated what fat looks like that surrounds the organs and explained how excess fat inhibits insulin function. He showed a pancreas and explained how It makes insulin, and what happens when it can’t keep up due to insulin resistance – you get type 2 diabetes. Dr. Oz asked Joanna to uncover a heart and asked if they were willing to make the changes that would ensure heart health. They all agreed.


Dr. Oz’s 28 Day Plan To Kick Carb Addiction

Week 1: Carb Detox

Eat all the fats you want, without calorie limits. Dr. Oz recommends healthy fats like olive oils, fatty fish, and nuts.

Week 2: White to Brown

Eat whole grains, like oatmeal, whole grain bread and pasta, and quinoa. The guests commented that some of the foods were tasteless (like cardboard). Dr. Oz said that adding spice would make the foods more palatable.

Week 3: Hand to Mouth

On week 3, you begin portion control. Dr. Oz explained how to use your hand as measuring tools, for example, a fistful of brown rice, meats about the size of your palm, and healthy fats about the size of the tip of your thumb.

Week 4: Cheat

On week 4, designate a cheat day to eat what you want. Have a regular baked good, like cake, pizza, or ordinary pasta. Dr. Oz recommended Sunday.

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