How to Save a Life

On this segment of Dr. Oz, we learn things you can do to help save a life in certain situations. Dr. Oz covers what to do when someone faints, how to slow/stop bleeding, and what to do for a seizure victim.

Fainting: What to Do

If someone around you faints, you should lift their feet above their head. When you faint, the blood in your body is likely at the legs and feet from walking around. Lifting the legs above the head helps to restore as much blood flow as possible to the brain to help someone regain consciousness. After a few minutes, check to see if the person is awake. Check for a pulse and breathing. Call 911, because Dr. Oz says there is never a case when someone passes out that you should not alert medical professionals.

Bleeding: What to Do

When you cut yourself, you should apply pressure to the wound to slow and eventually stop the bleeding and bandage it accordingly. You should also elevate the wound above the heart. If you notice the blood is spurting right out, rather than dripping, then you likely hit an artery. ┬áIf that’s the case, you’ll need to call 911. If the bleeding doesn’t stop within five to 10 minutes, either go to the emergency room or call 911 for help.

Seizures: What to Do

If you see someone having a seizure–shaking (possibly violently) with their eyes rolling back in their head–then the best thing you can do is get the person low to the ground and turn them on their side. This reduces the chance that they will hurt themselves over the course of the seizure. Any time someone has a seizure, you should call 911 because this is not a normal condition and needs medical attention as soon as possible.

photo by: Alex E. Proimos

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