Fucoxanthin and Weight Loss

If you’ve been watching Dr. Oz for any length of time, you’ve heard him talk about Fucoxanthin, or the extract found in brown seaweed that acts as a fat burner. Well, I decided to look a bit deeper into this product, because I wanted to know why  he was so eager to endorse it. I was amazed by what I found.

Fucoxanthin is actually found in any seaweed, but is in the highest concentrations in brown species. It works as a fat burner by acting the like brown fat (the good fat) in the body, which basically flips a switch in the body to melt away the white fat, or the bad fat, found around the organs. When we melt away the white fat around our organs, we not only see weight loss, but we also greatly improve our health by reducing the risk for many diseases.

How do we know this works? Animal studies show it to be very promising, and brown seaweed is a staple in Asian cuisine. The Asian population is generally very healthy and has a low instance of obesity. It seems the brown seaweed in their diets helps to keep their metabolisms running at an ideal rate to prevent weight gain.

How to Add Fucoxanthin to Your Diet

In America, it’s hard to find brown seaweed in dried form at your local grocery store. Most of us couldn’t imagine eating it in its whole form, so that’s where supplements come in. Elite Thin is a supplement that contains the clinically proven effective amount of fucoxanthin. Using a supplement like this, as directed, can help you get fucoxanthin in your diet without having to find and prepare the raw form.

Fucoxanthin: The Miracle Fat Burner?

Well, not exactly. It’s going to help your body burn more fat, yes, but you can’t rely on it alone to do the work for you. Just adding brown seaweed to your diet is not going to be enough, but if you combine fucoxanthin with a nutritionally balanced, slightly reduced calorie diet, and a regular exercise routine, you will be able to see more weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.


photo by: quinn.anya

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