Embarrassing Questions

Today is a recap of the past year’s worth of embarrassing health questions. No holds barred in this embarrassing health questions episode!

Are Your Pee and Poop Normal?

Size and Shape of Poop

S Shaped Poops are good, because they show that everything came together in your intestines correctly.

There are three fundamental shapes:

  • Smooth: Normal. Pay attention to how it sounds: it should sound like a diver naturally going into the water.
  • Marble: This is pellets. If the water hits your bottom, you’re constipated.
  • Watery: If this is splashy, you’re not absorbing everything you need.

Smell of Your Urine

  • Is there a smell at all? This means you’re okay!
  • Does your urine smell like ammonia? You’re likely dehydrated, or could have kidney issues.
  • Does your urine smell fruity? This is a sign of diabetes. This is because the sugar is being metabolized. There is a dip-stick test. If the stick turns to a red color, then you have sugar in your urine and you could be at risk for diabetes.

As you age, your urine may splatter because of weakened muscles.

Awkward Questions

Question 1: How do you get rid of the smell in the restroom after you go at a friend’s house?

When you light the match, you’re just covering up the odor, rather than getting rid of it. He recommends carrying “Just a Drop” of Eucalyptus Drops.This can seal the odor in the water of the toilet so it never escapes into the room.

Question 2: Can you wax between your cheeks?

Yes, it is safe to wax it, but it’s very important to do it correctly, so you need to have someone to do it. Have them use hard wax, rather than strips. It will pull it out at once, and is gentler on the skin.

Are Your Normal or Nuts?

Question 1: Am I weird because I don’t want my foods touching? I like to eat everything one a time to layer it in my stomach so I don’t get sick.

This is not normal. It is a sign of obsessive-compulsive behavior. The first step is to visualize the fear. The next step is to work toward conquering it, which would be picking two foods you wouldn’t mind touching and put them together. Work your way up until it doesn’t bother you anymore.

Question 2: I’ve been married for 16 years, but sometimes, I have sex dreams about other men. I wake up feeling guilty, and I need to know if I’m nuts or normal.

This is completely normal. Women have as many sex dreams as men! The primary cause of these dreams is a husband who frustrate the wife, with unresolved emotional issues. The dreams are the way of “getting back” at the husband, without actually doing anything wrong. Write a diary and keep it by your bed. Don’t feel guilty. This is not a healing emotion. Figure out what the spouse is doing and the three major emotions you’re having before you go to bed that’s manifesting in your dreams.

Fast Fixes for Your Most Embarrassing Health Issues

Question 1: I have painful acne on my butt and the back of my legs. What can I do for it?

Any hormonal imbalance can cause inflammation, which can manifest as acne all over the skin. You should treat this acne here as the same as you would treat it on your face. You should also try eating anti-inflammatory foods. Melt dark chocolate and mix it over bran and walnuts for a quick snack that can help cut down on the inflammation.

Question 2: I have a loud gurgling stomach, all day long!

All you have to do is eat a dozen hazelnuts. They will provide the fats and fiber you need to help quiet your stomach down.

Answers to Embarrassing Questions

Question 1: Why is my tongue black?

This can be due to jaundice, coffee, tea, etc., or use of anti-biotics and pink bismuth.If your tongue is stained, then you can try baking soda and water to brush the tongue.

Question 2 : What can I do about toe nail fungus?

Use tea tree oil and sunflower oil applied to your toenail several times a day. Allow it to soak for a few minutes each time. It will take months to work to completely replace the nail.

Bonus Tips

  • Baby Powder can help stop foot odor
  • Parsley Undereye Mask: Mix fresh parsley and plain yogurt together. Apply under your eyes and let sit for about five minutes to reduce under eye puffiness.







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