Degenerative Disc Disease Stem Cell Treatment Study

Many people don’t realize there are actually “squishy” discs in your back between the vertebrae. Aging causes these discs to break down, leading to pain and a number of other health issues. Dr. Tim Davis comes on the show to explain a treatment for this condition so many of us suffer from as part of the aging process. Dr. Davis says this is a “minimally invasive” surgery that uses stem cells to naturally repair the disc tissue. When stem cells are taken from a patient’s fat cells or bone marrow and are injected into the discs to allow them to repair themselves from the inside out.

The FDA is currently conducting a trial to determine if cells can be used from donor patients. It will be years before information is known, and before this treatment could be put into effect. The study Dr. Davis is referencing is only focusing on bone marrow stem cells, and not on stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

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