Couch Surfing: Dangerous Trend for Teenagers

Today on The Doctors, we see a repeat from March 26, 2012. We learn about a dangerous trend that’s taking teenagers by storm. They call it “Couch Surfing.”  They use a rope to tie a couch or another piece of old furniture to car and then ride on the couch while someone else drives the car. The people riding on the couch are not restrained with seat belts, and the driver goes driving through streets, even on the highway, as normal, while the person rides on the couch as it moves throughout the traffic.

Dr. Lisa Masterson claims that it is a “guy thing” and it’s a very scary thing to do it. It tends to be more for guys simply because they are more thrill seeking than girls are. Dr.  Andrew Ordon went out on a limb to find a silver lining saying that this being active is better than being lazy on the couch in front of the TV. Honestly though, is this “activity” worth the safety risk it poses?

Couch Surfing vs. Mattress Surfing

Dr. Jim Sears says the idea of fame from Internet videos is enough to encourage this risky behavior and even promotes competitions between groups of boys. Dr. Travis Stork maintains Couch Surfing is more dangerous than Mattress Surfing, based on the fact that a couch could break, catch on fire, or just disintegrate.

The Doctors tell us that a 22-year-old man was recently killed engaging in couch surfing on icy roads. “The couch actually catapulted into oncoming traffic!” This is not something any of the doctors encourage.

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photo by: granth

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