Bacon Apocalypse Now

Bacon is a highly popular food–and there is a popular addage that bacon makes everything better. The Doctors take a closer look at the Bacon Apocalypse Now, a bacon festival in Des Moines, Iowa. The festival served over 3.5 tons (more than 7,000 pounds) of bacon!

Bacon Flavored Products

The Doctors show us a variety of bacon flavored products, including:

  • ice cream
  • popcorn
  • mints
  • toothpaste
  • personal lubricant

The personal lubricant is the one and only bacon flavored personal lubricant on the market today, marketed to people who want to “safely bring bacon into the bedroom.”

Bacon: Health Benefits

The Doctors discuss the health benefits of bacon, noting the presence of things such as oleic acid and choline. These are fatty acids that can help with natal brain development, but they are present in small amounts in bacon. Having said that, the Doctors are not convinced bacon can be healthy for you, noting that eggs contain twice as much choline as what’s found in bacon.

Bacon: Healthy Alternatives

For bacon lovers who can’t live without the flavor, but want to avoid the health risks associated with high bacon consumption, The Doctors have the following alternatives:

Bacon alternatives are available in both beef and turkey variations, which offer health advantages over the traditional pork version. Dr. Jim tells us the preservatives and nitrates used to make bacon can be harmful to children. His recommendation is to look for products that do not contain a high amount of sodium or chemicals used to process the meat product.

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photo by: betsyweber

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