Are You Normal or Nuts?

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, we see a repeat from February 28, 2012.  We’ve seen him answer questions to help you find out if your habits are normal or nuts before. This segment features three psychologists, known to be the best in the field: Dr. David Tolin, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein and Dr. Jeff Gardere, to help determine whether your habits are weird or are completely normal. Dr. Tolin specializes in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD.) Dr. Hartstein specializes in anxiety issues. Dr. Gardere specializes in relationships.

Adults: Is it Normal to Carry a Blanket?

Audience member Julie maintains that at 37 years of age she still carries around pieces of the blanket she has had she since was 2. She carries it because she feels like it makes feel better and comforts her. She doesn’t drink or do drugs. 89% of the audience thinks she’s nuts, but the psychologists say she’s normal because this does not prohibit her from living a normal life. Her dependency on this blanket is better than relying on alcohol or drugs to help her.

Is it Normal to Have a Fear of Driving Over Bridges & Tunnels?

Myesa, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she had a fear of driving over bridges and under tunnels. She can do it, because she did both to get to the show, but she experiences a panic attack when she has to do it. 65% of the audience believes it is normal behavior. However, the psychologists say it’s nuts because the fear inhibits her ability to live a normal, healthy lifestyle.

3 Days of Life Stress Factors

  • On the first day, the event is coming and you feel worried.
  • On the second day, your stress worsens as the event draws nearer. You even begin to have obsessive thoughts
  • On the third day, you notice you are having a panic/anxiety attack.

What started as small event has completely paralyzed you with fear so you can’t function normally.

Quick Tips to Help You Fight Stress

  • try a visualization exercise
  • breath in through the nose
  • exhale through the mouth (strong enough to blow out a candle!)
  • do repeatedly until you feel more relaxed

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Stress

  • Use 2 sprays under the tongue
  • When you use it, visualize flowers and inhale the smell of them. Exhale like you’re blowing out the candle.
  • This contains a small amount of alcohol to help calm your nerves.

Is It Normal to Have Sex Dreams About Other Men?

This is a question that was featured a few weeks ago in a segment on Embarrassing Questions.

I’ve been married for 16 years, but sometimes, I have sex dreams about other men. I wake up feeling guilty, and I need to know if I’m nuts or normal.

This is completely normal. Women have as many sex dreams as men! The primary cause of these dreams is a husband who frustrate the wife, with unresolved emotional issues. The dreams are the way of “getting back” at the husband, without actually doing anything wrong. Write a diary and keep it by your bed. Don’t feel guilty. This is not a healing emotion. Figure out what the spouse is doing and the three major emotions you’re having before you go to bed that’s manifesting in your dreams.

Next, we get 30 second fixes to the body quirks that are causing you pain.

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