Laser Contact Lens Implants

Laser Contact Lens Implants

22-year-old Caroline is legally blind without the use of contacts or glasses. Her vision as been deteriorating since she was 6 years old. She uses hard contacts to help her be able to see.

Doctors want to use a Laser Implantable Contact Lens to correct her astigmatism and restore her vision to (hopefully) 20/20. The implant will be inserted into the correct place with a plunger through a tiny incision in the eye.

Contact Lens Implant Surgery Results

The doctors says that though any eye surgery seems risky, her surgery went perfectly. Her implants should last for the next 30 to 40 years without any problems or discomfort. About a week after her surgery, she says she can “see in HD” compared to what she could see before. She even notes an audience member’s eye color from 40 feet away. She maintains her vision is clear and crisp now, compared to being blind without using her contacts or glasses.

How Tiny Contact Lens Implant Surgery Works

Dr. Robert Maloney explains how the surgery works with a model. Smaller than a fingernail, the lens is inserted behind the iris, which negates the need for maintenance associated with normal contact wear. This works much like LASIK, but due to her severe vision issues, Caroline was a better candidate for this approach.

Before & After Surgery

The Doctors showed an example to demonstrate how bad Caroline’s vison was before the procedure. They used a photograph of a group of people, made so blurry the average person would only be able to tell they were all wearing white t-shirts. The full picture was revealed with actual clarity, where there was a diverse group of people present. Dr. Maloney notes that now Caroline can probably see better than the average person.

photo by: Heungsub Lee

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